Underwater Robotics

1) Underwater visual SLAM Visual in-water hull inspection using robot requires various underwater robotics technologies. Since the underwater is a typical GPS denied environment, perceptual or acoustic sensors provide mean to bound the navigational error. Our group works on vision based approach toward the underwater visual SLAM. By visually recognizing the previously visited location, a robot can correct navigation drift and accurately localize within the water medium.

2) Imaging sonar Although visual sensors provide intuitive and rich information around the world, limited sight often prohibits effective implementation. Sonar in that sense is an effective solution for underwater perception as it provides reliable sensor data regardless of water turbidity. Among many sonar sensors, our group focuses on imaging sonar and apply conventional vision approaches over the sonar images.

Young-Sik Shin and Yeongjun Lee and Hyun-Taek Choi and Ayoung Kim, Bundle Adjustment from Sonar Images and SLAM Application for Seafloor Mapping OCEANS 2015
Dae-Hyeon Gwon and Young-Sik Shin and Youngji Kim and Yeongjun Lee and Hyun-Taek Choi and Ayoung Kim, Nontemporal Relative Pose Estimation for Opti-Acoustic Bundle Adjustment OCEANS 2016

3) Side scanning sonar

Dae-Hyeon Gwon, Joowan Kim, Moon Hwan Kim, Ho Gyu Park, Tae Yeong Kim, Ayoung Kim, Development of a Side Scan Sonar Module for the UnderWater Simulator URAI 2017

Related Projects

  • [KIMST 2016 - 2017] Collaboration with prof. Jinwhan Kim (PI)
    Development of an autonomous ship-hull inspection system
    (선체 수중검사 자동화를 위한 자율무인시스템 개발)
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