Archived news of our group.

URP (Creative project) has been selected
Congratulations to Hyesu Jang for the creative project selection URP

Two papers accepted for IROS 2017
Congratulations to Youngji Kim and Hyunchul Roh for their accepted paper at IROS 2017

Two poster abstracts accepted for ICRA 2017
Congratulations to Jinyong and Giseop for their accepted poster abstracts at ICRA 2017

One paper accepted for IV 2017
Congratulations to Jinyong for his accepted lane map SLAM paper at IV2017

URP team has been awarded
Congratulations to Younghun Cho and Hyesu Jang for the award CEE homepage

One paper accepted for ICRA 2017
Congratulations to Younggun Cho for his accepted underwater dehazing paper at ICRA 2017

One paper accepted for UT 2017
Daehyun Gwon's paper with LIG will be presented at Underwater Technology (UT) 2017

Urban mapping paper published
Digital map based urban mapping is published

Hyunchul Roh and Jinyong Jeong and Younggun Cho and Ayoung Kim, Accurate Mobile Urban Mapping via Digital Map-Based SLAM. MDPI Sensors, 2016.

AR paper published
Active visual SLAM with PeRL group is published

Stephen M. Chaves and Ayoung Kim and Enric Galceran and Ryan M. Eustice, Opportunistic sampling-based active visual SLAM for underwater inspection. Autonomous Robots, 2016.

One paper accepted for IROS 2016
Youngji Kim's paper with KIST will be presented at IROS 2016

Three papers accepted for Oceans 2016
Congratulations to Shin, Cho, and Gwon for their accepted paper at Oceans 2016

One team is selected for the URP program
The team will be working on robust perception for urban mapping during July 1st to Dec 31th

Lab has one paper for Oceans 2015
Young-Sik Shin's paper with KRISO will be presented at Oceans 2015

Young-Sik Shin, Yeongjun Lee, Hyun-Taek Choi and Ayoung Kim, Bundle Adjustment from Sonar Images and SLAM Application for Seafloor Mapping, In Proceedings of the IEEE/MTS OCEANS Conference and Exhibition, Washington, D.C., USA, October 2015.

MSS JFR paper accepted
Multi-session SLAM paper with PeRL group is accepted

Paul Ozog, Nicholas Carlevaris-Bianco, Ayoung Kim and Ryan M. Eustice, Long-term mapping techniques for ship hull inspection and surveillance using an autonomous underwater vehicle. Journal of Field Robotics, Special Issue on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics, 2015. (In Press).
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